Invisi Tape In

Honey Blonde Highlights (18/22) Invisi-Tapes

Honey Blonde Highlights (18/22) Invisi-Tapes

Invisi Tape In

Honey Blonde Highlights (18/22) Invisi-Tapes

Honey Blonde Highlights (18/22) Invisi-Tapes


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All 123 Black / Browns 29 Blonde 23 Reds 9 Highlights 28 Ombre 11 Balayage 13 Rooted 10 Pastels 0
All 123 Black / Browns 29 Blonde 23 Reds 9 Highlights 28 Ombre 11 Balayage 13 Rooted 10 Pastels 0

A dark golden blonde mixed with a light butter blonde blend


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Product Info

35 grams per pack | 10 pieces
Glam Seamless Invisi-Tapes tape-in hair extensions are the world’s most invisible tape extensions on the market. What makes Invisi-Tapes different than any other hair extension is the Skinweft tape bonds. They are designed to mimic hair growing from the scalp and made extra-thin to be 100% invisible for a more natural-looking and discreet extension than ever before. 
With shed-free technology, Glam Seamless Invisi-Tapes provide gorgeous, damage-free length and volume no matter how and how often they're styled. They work well with all hair types, last for eight to 10 weeks in-between applications, and can be reused up to four times with either the Double Sided Replacement Tape or Single Sided Tape. Invisi-Tapes come in 30 color-adapting shades and will maintain their color saturation wash after wash. Glam Seamless Invisi-Tapes are incredibly versatile and can be applied with any of our other tape collections for a personalized look. These are the most discreet and are recommended for the crown of the head, or all over for a luxe tape-in experience. 
● Pre-taped and ready to apply
● Reusable for 3-4 applications with proper care
● 10 Invisi-Tapes per pack
● Each tape weft is 1.5" wide
● 100% Double drawn, premium Remy human hair 
● 35 Grams of hair per pack
● Can be worn up or down, washed and styled with your own hair
● Can be combined with our Remy or Ultra Seamless Tape-Ins
Application to be done by professional trained hairstylist only

About Our Hair

Glam Seamless extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair. All of our extensions are made with an anti-shedding technology which prevent shedding and tangling. With proper care our extensions will last 9-12 months for semi-permanent collections, and up to 2 years for ready to wear! Our hair extensions naturally blend with your own hair and can be washed and blown out, styled any way just like your own hair.

***Glam Seamless hair extensions feature a new multi-tonal adapting coloring technology, so even if your hair color is slightly different color it will still blend well.

About Invisi-Tape Products

Invisi-Tape Skin Weft Extensions are the latest innovation in the hair extension market and are most requested because they are the most discreet and undetectable hair extension. Glam Seamless Invisi-Tape Extensions are the most discreet and undetectable hair extensions that we offer. Invisi-Tape wefts are totally undetectable because they are hand-tied Skin Wefts that appear to be hair from your own scalp. Skin Wefts are hand made with hand knotted hair on a very thin mono-mesh base that looks and feels like your own scalp.



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