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Looking for an extension option that you can install and keep in for weeks? Our assortment of tape-in extensions and weft bundles will work perfectly for you. 100% Remy human hair is good quality for your hair needs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a semi-permanent extension?

A semi-permanent extension is installed by a professional stylist and is meant to stay in for about 4-8 weeks. The two semi-permanent extension styles we offer are tape in extensions and weft hair extensions. Within these categories are so many different types of extensions- from invisible tape ins to wavy hair extensions to hand tied extensions.

Can I install the tape in or weft bundle extension on my own?

We strongly recommend having semi-permanent extensions installed by a certified stylist. There are techniques and methods that are important to keep the integrity of both your natural hair and your extensions. Reach out to us for help finding the closest Glam Seamless certified stylist to install your extensions.

Will semi-permanent extensions damage my hair?

As long as the extensions are installed by a certified stylist and your hair is not too fragile, there will be no damage. Stylists will be able to apply the extension at the correct distance from your scalp, put in the correct amount or weight for you, and go through the correct methods to keep the hair extension from slipping out or falling out.

Are weft bundles or tape ins bad for my hair?

The great thing about both weft bundles and tape ins is that they are so customizable! Your stylist can work with you to choose which extension method would be best for your hair and how much would be the right amount to install. Since the extensions can be tailored to your desire, they are great for both thinning hair, fine hair, and thick hair!