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U-Part Wig Dirty BlondeDirty Blonde (12) U-Part Wig
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Golden Blonde (23) U-Part WigGolden Blonde (23) U-Part Wig
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Honey Dip Ombré (2/6) U-Part WigHoney Dip Ombré (2/6) U-Part Wig
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Bahamian Balayage U-Part WigBahamian Balayage U-Part Wig
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a U-Part Wig?

A U-Part Wig is a partial wig that is worn with only a section of your hair coming out on top for a natural look. The wig is styled before being placed over your own hair so all that needs to be done is for the small section of left-out hair to be straightened or curled.

What is the benefit of using a U-Part Wig?

The U-part wig offers the convenience of a wig with the natural look of your own hair layered over it. Your natural part allows the partial wig to look like it is blended into your own hair for a flawless look! This is a popular piece for celebrities