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 General Advice for Glam Seamless Hair

  • Please pay attention to the amount of grams/pieces per pack. Our company offers the best hair and MORE per pack than the other seamless companies. Our prices and quality are the best and cannot be beat.

  • Our Seamless Tape in collection has 20 pieces per pack (50 grams), our Extra Virgin Collection has 40 pieces(100), and our Wavy Collection has 40 pieces (100 grams).

  • When buying seamless extensions (since they are worn 24/7) you will need excellent quality hair! This is an investment, but you will have gorgeous hair for 3+ months at a time. You do not want to cut corners when it comes to the seamless extensions because once installed they can last a long time and you want only the best, which Glam Seamless offers. 

  • These extensions need to be professionally installed.

  • The hair can be washed, dyed, cut, and colored. Yes you can wash your hair, over and over! 

  • The hair color does not have to be a 100% match. As long as it is within 1-2 shades the hair will blend. If you are unsure order a color ring or email us a photo and we will match it for you.

  • 18 inches is standard and gives good length, while 22 inches long and goes down to your mid waist. 

  • Wavy hair is pretty, however the straight hair can have a natural wave when washed. 

  • Wavy hair is only available in 20" so keep that in mind. 

  • It is important that the hair is properly installed! 

  • Taking care of the hair is also very important. Washing it correctly, using the hair extension brush, and following all instructions will help with a longer lasting extension.   You can purchase hair care products in our Hair Care section.

  • If you do not see a color that matches your shade of hair order two different colors and mix them. It comes out as the perfect shade. Have your stylist sandwich the two colors together. It will create a two dimensional color effect and it will be the perfect shade. 

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