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Hair Extensions

Remy Tape-In

20 Tape Wefts Per Pack

Glam Seamless Remy Tape In extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging. Our remy tape in hair extension collection features genuine remy human hair that lasts wash after wash, up to 1 year of wear! Our remy tape extensions are made with a brand new anti-shedding technology which allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3-4 applications. We have over 35 colors and multiple lengths available to chose from. Each pack has 20 pieces per pack. You can combine colors to create a highlighted look or a multidimensional look. Great for those who are in between shades and want to combine colors. For a full look you will need 2-4 packs.

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Virgin Tape-In

40 Tape Wefts Per Pack

The Extra Virgin tape in collection is the gold standard of hair extensions. This hair collection is 100% virgin human hair that is sourced from one single donor and features pure virgin hair with the cuticle intact. The Extra Virgin Hair will last longer than any of our other collections due to our brand new eco-friendly manufacturing technology that processes the hair gently to keep it in its virgin state. For a full look you will need only 1-2 packs, as each pack of Extra Virgin hair has 40 pieces.

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Ombre Tape-In

40 Tape Wefts Per Pack

Ombre Hair Extensions are perfect if you are looking to instantly transform your look. We color them using a new color technology that gives them a no color fade guarantee. Our ombre is made with 100% pure remy human hair, cuticle intact, double drawn. A pack has enough for a full application. These are perfect if you have ombre hair or short hair with 1 solid color. You can go 1-2 shades lighter for the bottom color to make your ombre pop. It will blend and appear natural. Our ombre can be custom colored if you want a perfect match. You can wear them straight, wavy or curl it (holds curls). Washing activates a beautiful body wave.

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10 Skin Wefts Per Pack

Invisi-Tape Extensions are the latest innovation in the market and most requested because they are lightweight and invisible. Glam Seamless Invisi-Tape Extensions are the most discreet and undetectable extensions we offer. They are hand-tied Skin Wefts that look like hair from your own scalp. They are hand made with hand knotted hair on a thin mono-mesh base that looks and feels like your own scalp. They are called skin wefts because they are invisible without seams and match your scalp. They look natural, are lightweight, and lay flat. They are fast to apply, damage-free and can be used with tape extensions.

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Glam Strands

30 Mini Tape Wefts Per Pack

This strand by strand method is the most revolutionary on the market. Add chemical free highlights in minutes or fill the crown of the head for a fuller hair extension experience. The method is 100% natural, no tools needed and easy to remove in seconds. Unlike other micro tape extensions, our Glam Strands fold right over for quick installation. Our super tape and pure remy hair make the perfect micro bond which allows you to customize your extension application. See why salons are using Glam Strands to create the most customizable hair extension experience.

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Clip In

7 Clip Wefts Per Pack

Back by popular demand, our Couture Clip-In line is adored for the high quality hair. We LOVE seamless, but sometimes you just want back up hair in between hair installs. Our Couture Clips are 100% Virgin Hair and double drawn to give you that full look you desire. In between seamless installs, keep a pack of our Couture Clips on hand to make sure you have your amazing Glam hair at all times! We also do custom clips in any length and color combo including ombre and highlights-email us for your Custom Couture Clips

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Sample Wefts

2 Tape Wefts Per Pack

You can try before you buy! Each color swatch has two tape weft extensions. Length is 12-14 inches. Use the color swatch to test the quality of our hair or to truly find your perfect shade. Purchase any color seamless tape in hair extension swatch to test out our tape wefts. Also, if you are stuck between two colors, you can test out the color with our sample wefts. Choose your color(s) of sample tape weft. Items come pre-taped with two brand new tape wefts in any color we stock. Many find this to be more helpful than the color ring, as it provides more hair to truly choose your perfect shade.

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Curly Tape-In

40 Tape Wefts Per Pack

Finally-curly tape in hair extensions! Looking for that curly (not wavy) tape extension? You have found it with the Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions now available in curly!

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Invisi-Weft Bundles

Three In One Invisible Weft: Tape In | Sew In | Ponytail Weft

Introducing the highly requested Invisi-Weft-a skinweft bundle that can be sewn in, taped in, or used as a ponytail! This weft is a three in one invisible seamless hair extension weft with an ultra thin weft design that can be used for customized tape extensions, sew in extensions, or as a ponytail wrap. This weft can be cut to customize your perfect fit for tape extensions too! The invisi-weft is 100% reusable and customizable. Simply add new tape, glue, or thread after each wear and reinstall the weft. 1-2 packs will be needed for a full application. The invisi-weft is 100% invisible and discreet.

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Glam Bands

3-in-1 hair band

The super seamless layered halo hair extension by Glam Seamless. This 3-in-1 hair band can be used as a halo hair extension or as a clip on triple weft for extra volume, or as a ponytail. Our Glam Band features 180 grams of remy human hair, double drawn, and beautiful natural layered ends for a flawless hair extension transformation that no one can see or feel! The Glam Band halo can be worn as a halo and has the option of using removable clips for added extra security.

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