Our Founder

As the founder of Glam Seamless, I am always wearing extensions. I’m the type of woman who will never leave the house without extensions on—yep, that’s me. My genetically-fine hair leaves me wanting more, so adding extensions has always been my favorite accessory (next to a beautiful handbag, of course). Here’s a little more on which extensions I can’t live without, what it’s like to work with JLo and KKW Stylist Chris Appleton and what I’ve learned from opening up NYC’s first hair extension bar.

Glam Seamless Faves

My ready-to-wear faves are a Glam Seamless U-Part Wig , The Glam Band Halo® , and the Invisi-Ponytail . I can't live without my U-Part Wig—I have three! Since I like to change up my color so much, I can easily color match with a Balayage or a Highlight U-Part wig. They're just so easy to throw on for instant-glam, an impromptu night out or in-between extension installations.

The Glam Band Halo® is my power-mom, executive hair (the hair I wear when I'm rushing out the door but want to look like I have it all together, haha). When I have a minute or two extra, I can throw my hair up into a ponytail and wrap it in one of my two Invisi-Ponytails because everyone needs to have their Ariana Grande hair moment, right?!

My absolute semi-permanent faves are Invisi-Tape tape-in extensions. They were one of our first Glam Seamless products, so they’re kind of like my babies, but with good reason! Invisi-Tapes are the flattest, quickest method out there. I wouldn’t say I like spending a lot of time in the salon chair. I’d rather be in my office helping everyone else look good, so Invisi-Tapes are the best for installations in under 45 minutes!

Working with Chris Appleton

I met Chris in 2018 on a commercial, and I could see from the way he worked that he was the best in the hair game. I knew that I wanted someone at his level to help us continue to develop innovative extensions for everyday wear and salon pros. He's not just a master stylist but a brilliant educator as well—it's rare to find both! So, he joined on as our Global Artistic Director, and we immediately started expanding our educational programs for our Glam Seamless stylists and salon partners.

chris stops by the glam seamless salon in nyc

Flagship Salon

After selling extensions to salon professionals for eight years, I wanted to be on the frontlines of owning a salon, so we opened the Glam Seamless Flagship Store and Salon here in Soho NYC. Owning a salon has helped me grow personally and as an entrepreneur. One of the most important things I learned was that the only way to have a successful salon is to have successful stylists. If you want to set up your team for success, you've got to be innovative with your salon education to continuously provide the best in what's new and trending for extensions and everything else for your clients. Extensions are a great way to generate revenue faster and have a profitable salon.

We knew early on that the salon was going to double as a space to develop even more advanced education for salons worldwide. It was a big part of why we opened in the first place. Now, we’ve expanded our courses to include more than just extension training for stylists around the world, but salon business and marketing education that will go even further to grow their revenues. We love that we offer the best hair extension services, that our stylists easily bring in six figures each and that our clients always come back, and we want that for all of our salon partners.

The Glam Seamless Story

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Alex interviews Chris Appleton at the Glam Seamless store about success as a salon professional