Introducing Hand-Tied Wefts,

or as we like to call them

Glam-Tied Wefts

Our beautiful hand tied wefts are made for the popular Beaded Rows application. Beaded rows are rows created by silicone beads as a base for the weft to be applied, sometimes called “Braidless Sew-In” or the Beaded Row Technique.

This new semi-permanent method is popular because it is 100% adhesive-free, super comfortable and the maintenance is very easy. Hand-tied wefts are best for those who are looking for a luxurious and seamless semi-permanent extension method. Hand-tied wefts are 60% thinner than machine-tied wefts and work great on thin and fine hair.

hand tied VS machine wefts

Hand-Tied Wefts 120g

  • Thinner/smaller at top
  • Cannot be cut
  • Great for thin/fine hair
  • Luxurious, super-flat extensions

MACHINE Wefts 100g

  • Thicker hair wefts
  • Can be cut & customized
  • Better for medium to thick hair
  • Each weft has more hair

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