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Highest Quality Tape In Hair Extensions by Glam Seamless
Highest Quality Clip In Hair Extensions by Glam Seamless

Learn what makes Glam Seamless hair the best quality
hair extensions on the market

Glam Seamless collects hair from healthy hair donors with full thick ponytails. When collecting hair for the production of Glam Seamless hair extensions, hair is put into a ponytail first and then cut. This process allows for all of the cuticles to be intact and flowing in the same direction to prevent future tangling. This process is different from other hair extension protocols, as others collect loose hair from many donors, some even swept off the floor. This results in the hair extensions having short and long hairs and even grey hair in each pack. The short and long hair mixed together causes tangling and shedding after a few washes. That is why Glam Seamless Representatives only hand select and work with healthy hair donors for high quality hair extensions

Healthy Cuticles Remain Intact Even After Processing

Having the cuticles intact is the most important part of hair extension collection. Keeping them intact even after processing is what sets our hair apart.

Anti Shedding Technology That Produces High Quality Long Lasting Hair Extensions

Glam Seamless hair extensions are made with an advanced manufacturing technology that produces high quality remy human hair with the cuticle intact. We use all eco-friendly natural materials to clean, depigment, and color our hair extensions. This gentle eco-friendly process allows for the cuticle to remain in tact even after processing. After the thorough cleaning and slow color process the hair is then given a deep conditioning treatment that provides a natural shine and is finished with a gloss. The hair is then sorted and air dried. Next, the hair is “drawn” twice and prepared creating double drawn hair which results in full thick ends with little "short hairs" in each pack. Most hair extension companies produce single drawn hair with harsh acid baths and heavy chemical coating that gives the hair artificial shine which usually fades after a few washes! Glam Seamless uses the best technology to solve common hair extension problems such as color fading, mating and tangling. We proudly produce high quality remy human hair that lasts. We are committed to providing hair extensions that blend well and last long. 

Our unique process creates beautiful hair extensions using only the best products. We are hands on every step of the way to create gorgeous hair extensions that last.

compare the difference between our
remy hair extensions & extra virgin hair extensions

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy extensions are made with 100% healthy human remy hair and are available in both wavy and straight. The remy hair is a premium high quality hair that is double drawn and has a natural gloss. A slight body wave can be activated with water for a beautiful beach wave look. This hair can be washed, colored, and styled just like your own hair.

  • Can last 9-12 months
  • Double Drawn
  • 9 Step Processing
  • Pure Remy Hair with Cuticle Intact
  • Natural Tapered Ends for Natural Look
  • 55 grams of hair- 20 pieces
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Extra Virgin Hair Extensions

The Glam Seamless Extra Virgin Hair is healthy virgin hair from one single ponytail that is super luxurious and soft. This high quality human hair gets hand selected from the healthiest virgin ponytails. Because of it’s high quality, matting and tangling is drastically reduced. The hair goes through a gentle 12 step process that uses eco-friendly materials to ensure the virgin quality remains intact. The cuticle remains intact wash after wash and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

  • Lasts 1-2 Years
  • Double Drawn
  • 12 Step Processing
  • Virgin Cuticle Hair
  • Ultimate Shine & Thick Ends for Voluminous Look
  • 100 grams of hair- 40 pieces
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Waterproof Invisible Hair Extensions

Swim and workout with glam seamless extensions all you want. Our high quality hair is designed to last even with excessive workouts and vacations. Your hair will remain gorgeous and in great condition the entire time.

Can be worn wavy or straight

Straight hair can be activated into a body wave when activated with water. All of our remy hair holds curls 3x longer than other brands.

100% Customizable Hair Extensions

Live on the wild side and love gorgeous extravagant colors? Our hair extensions can be custom colored to any color you desire. Simply purchase our blonde hair extensions and color the set. Transform our blonde hair extensions into beautiful hair creations. 

We use Strong & Reusable Tape

Our tape extensions are made with Super Blue Tape from Germany and can be reused up to three times. Strong medical grade adhesive that creates long lasting bonds. Yet, easily removed with our organic remover in an instant with zero sticky residue or damage.

Glam Seamless tape-in hair extensions has unique sew lines keep that the hair extensions from shedding and tangling.

Ultra lightweight tape extensions that grow out with your own hair. 100% comfortable, invisible and undetectable to the touch.

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