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Glam Seamless
Tape In Extensions

Glam Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions have quickly become one of
the most popular semi-permanent hair extension methods in the world.
With quick installation, a maintenance routine created with
the everyday woman in mind, and a constantly growing collection
of options to choose from, it’s easy to understand why
Glam Seamless Tape-Ins are changing the game.

So, what exactly are tape-in extensions?

Tape-In Hair Extensions truly are as simple as they sound! These high quality hair extensions are pre-taped and ready to be applied! Tape-ins are designed to be worn just like your regular hair, and blend in seamlessly to create an undetectable, full look. You can wash, blow dry, and style them as if it’s all your own! Created with double drawn hair that is thick from top to bottom, the cuticle of this 100% Remy Human Hair is still intact. We’ve also created these tape-in extensions with an anti-shedding technology, featuring a unique sew line on the tape weft to ensure a long-lasting, tangle-free experience. These 1 inch wide pre-taped wefts are secured to the natural hair in a double, or single side “sandwich” bond.

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Why don’t Glam Seamless Tape-Ins
cause damage?

Glam Seamless Tape-Ins are uniquely designed to create the appearance of a natural, full head of hair without causing any damage. Because of the strength of the tape adhesive, tape-ins are installed without the use of heat or harsh chemicals. When properly applied, the lightweight design allows them to be comfortably worn, removed, and reapplied without breakage. Our tape-in extensions will not compromise the health of your natural hair as some alternative hair extension methods will.

What other benefits do Glam Seamless
Tape-In extensions offer?

The possibilities are endless with Glam Seamless Tape-In extensions. Although this product was originally designed to create the appearance of full, long hair, we are constantly discovering more uses for tape-in extensions as our reach continues to grow. Tape-in extensions can be used to correct botched haircuts, to add color without the use of chemicals, to create temporary hairstyles, and more!

What other benefits do Glam Seamless
Tape-In extensions offer?

Although Glam Seamless products are available to the general public, we recommend having a licensed professional install tape-in extensions for you. Tape-in application is deceptively easy, and only a licensed professional truly understands how to properly install extensions to meet the needs of each individual. You can book an appointment at our Hoboken or Soho Glam Rooms, or you can use our Online Directory to locate a certified salon near you to find a Glam Certified stylist. Alternatively, we offer DIY options in the form of Clip-In Extensions and Halo Glam Bands.

So, why do you sell Glam Seamless
to the general public?

Although we primarily sell our salon quality products to industry professionals, we wanted to make premium tape-in extensions accessible to everyone. There is no reason to buy poor quality extensions, particularly because they’re a product you’re going to be using every single day! If you are a hairstylist or a salon owner, you can learn about Glam Seamless Professional here!

How long do Glam Seamless Tape-Ins last?

Glam Seamless Tape-Ins are designed to be as long lasting as possible, but they do require proper care in order to last. With the correct maintenance, your Tape-In extensions can last 8 to 12 weeks per application, and can be reapplied up to 3 times. Because hair extensions do not receive the benefits of the natural oil your body produces, you will need to take the proper precautions to maintain the soft feel of your tape-ins.

How do I take care of
Glam Seamless Tape-Ins?

To get the best results from your Glam Seamless Tape-Ins, we recommend a variety of aftercare practices. Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo no more than 2 to 3 times a week. Carefully brush your hair to remove tangles and product buildup 2 to 3 times a day. Avoid using excess heat. Do not apply oils, conditioners or heavy products near the tape. Sleep with hair in a loose, never wet, braid. For a full guide to caring for your Glam Seamless Tape-Ins, check out our Hair Care Information Page.

What hair care products should I use
with my Glam Seamless Tape-Ins?

We’ve created a line of Glam Seamless hair care products that will cover every single need you’ll ever have with your tape-in extensions. From the Clarifying Shampoo you’ll use before the first installation, to the Glam Over Hair Extensions Mask you’ll use every week, to the Rapid Release Remover you’ll eventually use to remove the extensions, we’ve got you covered. Shop the full collection here!

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How do I know if Glam Seamless Tape-In
Extensions are right for me?

If you have at least two inches of hair, no history of scalp problems, and are free of medical conditions that may cause hair loss, you are most likely a great candidate for Glam Seamless Tape-In Extensions! We do recommend that you have a consultation with a hair stylist before making a final decision. If have questions about the compatibility of your natural hair with our tape-ins, please contact our support team at or (888) 401-6161.

How do I find the right color?

We offer 52 colors that can create more than 300 color options when combined! The most accurate way to find your perfect color match is to visit a certified salon or borrow the Glam Seamless color ring. We will send the color ring to your home, where you can take a look at our color offerings to find your ideal shade. Return the ring within 14 days, and we will credit the cost of the ring to your extensions order! Alternatively, you can color our extensions. We recommend purchasing the #60 blonde, as it is the easiest to color. Please note that your warranty is void once you decide to apply color to the tape-in extensions. For a full guide to color matching, check out our Color Guide!

How do I know how many packs
of hair I will need?

Installing the correct amount of hair is one of the most important aspects of making your Glam Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions look natural. We recommend 1 to 2 packs for thin hair, 2 to 3 packs for medium hair, and 3-4 packs for thick hair. Of course, your stylist will be able to accurately assess this information during your consultation.

How can I style my Glam Seamless
Tape-In Extensions?

Glam Seamless Tape-In Extensions can be worn and styled just as your natural hair! Whether you plan to flat iron or use a curling wand to style your hair, it’s the same experience as handling your own hair. Just make sure to protect your extensions with Thermal Therapy Protecting Spray first!

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