Wig Guide

In 2019 wigs are in and they are a must have product in your hair extension closet! Wigs are trending because they are a great ready to wear product when you take out your favorite semi-permanent hair extensions. With the Glam Seamless wigs, we have two types, full and half wigs, to make it easy to Glam and Go and keep your wig the best kept secret.

Full Wigs

Full Wigs

Whether it’s a synthetic, silk top, or monofilament our full wigs cover all your existing hair and scalp, transforming your look completely. Different materials are used to mimic the look a scalp to get a natural look. Full wigs are perfect for a total glam makeover in a snap!

U Part Wigs

U-Part Wigs

The U-part wig is a partial wig that blends with your own hair. Application of the u-part wigs leaves room for just the top of your natural hair and hairline to show, making it look incredibly realistic. It is a great solution for adding a dramatic update to length, color, and volume quickly!

Shope the Wig

MONOFILAMENT WIGS Shop all colors in this collection >

220 grams of hair Lengths: 16" 20" 22" 24"

Way better than lace wigs, monofilament wigs are hand sewn at the top and are the most natural looking wigs on the market.

U-PART WIGS Shop all colors in this collection >

150-170 GRAMS OF HAIR Lengths: 16" 22"

The mother all of hair pieces the U-Part wigs are a favorite by the most Glamorous women. A 3/4 wig where only the top of your hair is pulled over the wig for a glam and go glamorous look.

SILK TOP WIGS Shop all colors in this collection >

150-170 GRAMS OF HAIR Lengths: 16" 22"

The world's most luxurious wig, made with a silk base that looks and feels just like your own scalp and hair. Worn by celebrities.

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