Glam Bands

Caramel Honey Sombré (4/6/27) Glam Band

Caramel Honey Sombré (4/6/27) Glam Band

Glam Bands

Caramel Honey Sombré (4/6/27) Glam Band

Caramel Honey Sombré (4/6/27) Glam Band


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All 19 Black / Browns 5 Blonde 5 Reds 2 Highlights 3 Ombre 3 Balayage 1 Rooted 0 Pastels 0
All 19 Black / Browns 5 Blonde 5 Reds 2 Highlights 3 Ombre 3 Balayage 1 Rooted 0 Pastels 0

A light chocolate brown from root to midstrand, a medium bronze brown midstrand which transitions to a neutral honey blonde


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Product Info

About 10 inches wide

20 inches- 160 Grams
There are halo® hairpieces, and then there is the Glam Seamless Glam Band halo® hair extension. The Glam Band is for the person who wants to literally “throw on” a new look in seconds. From moms on the go to busy executives, just put it on, pull your natural hair through, and you're out the door with a seamless extension piece that blends seamlessly into your natural hair. 
This insta-glam piece features an innovative stretch-wire band to securely and comfortably hug any head size and shape for seamless and comfortable all-day wear. The Glam Band comes with removable clips for added security or to pull double-duty to transform your halo into a clip-in triple weft. This luscious piece features natural-looking layered tips, adds stunning volume, comes in three lengths, and 37 shimmering colors for your favorite glam-and-go halo. Add in a Glam Seamless 7-Piece Clip-In Set for even more volume or Single-Clips for a few pieces around your crown or hair line!
Unit Includes:
1 Glam Band per package
1 Replacement firm wire with hooks (in case you are seeking a traditional halo®)
4 Clips with Velcro backing 
- Color safe
- Heat safe
IMPORTANT: All Glam Band Extensions include a tester piece. If the color does not match as intended, please make sure that all pieces are returned including the tester piece. If all pieces are not received your order will not be accepted as it was not received in the same condition as it was sent out.

About Our Hair

Glam Seamless extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair. All of our extensions are made with an anti-shedding technology which prevent shedding and tangling. With proper care our extensions will last 9-12 months for semi-permanent collections, and up to 2 years for ready to wear! Our hair extensions naturally blend with your own hair and can be washed and blown out, styled any way just like your own hair.

***Glam Seamless hair extensions feature a new multi-tonal adapting coloring technology, so even if your hair color is slightly different color it will still blend well.



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How Long Will The Hair Last?
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