Remy Tape In

Rooted (9/613) Remy Tape In

Rooted (9/613) Remy Tape In

Remy Tape In

Rooted (9/613) Remy Tape In

Rooted (9/613) Remy Tape In


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Product Info

55 grams per pack | 20 pieces
Switching up your hair game for longer, fuller, and more voluminous style is effortless with Glam Seamless Remy Tape-Ins. These tape-in extensions are the best for getting a major hair overhaul in a damage-free way and having glamorous hair, every day! Remy Tape-Ins are our most popular and affordable hair extension collection and come in 20-piece packs of double-drawn, 100% Remy human hair.

 These tape-in wefts are incredibly easy to apply and remove, won't damage hair, and are made with tape made in the US that is easy to remove and leaves zero residue! The installation process can be done in under an hour without tools or heat—we do most of the work for you! Lasting for up to nine to 12 months with new Double Sided Replacement Tape, Glam Seamless Remy Tape-Ins feature a unique tape weft with absolutely no sew lines to prevent shedding and tangling and to be absolutely seamless! Our Remy Tape-In extensions come in 65 colors to naturally blend into most hair tones and can be washed and blown out or styled any way, just like real hair. If you need just a few more pieces check out our 10 piece packs! Available in our amazing Invisi Tape-in or in our Ultra Seamless collection.  
- Premium 100% REMY human hair extensions.
- Double drawn. (hair thick from root to tip)
- Pre-taped and ready to apply.
- 20 tape wefts per pack - More Hair Per Tape Weft!
- Each tape weft is 1.5" wide. 
- Professional salon quality hair and tape.
- 2-3 packs needed for a full application.
- Tape made in the USA! Non-gooey tape with clean and quick removal.
Need help color matching? Email us or get three free color swatches!  

About Our Hair

Glam Seamless extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair. All of our extensions are made with an anti-shedding technology which prevent shedding and tangling. With proper care our extensions will last 9-12 months for semi-permanent collections, and up to 2 years for ready to wear! Our hair extensions naturally blend with your own hair and can be washed and blown out, styled any way just like your own hair.

***Glam Seamless hair extensions feature a new multi-tonal adapting coloring technology, so even if your hair color is slightly different color it will still blend well.

About Remy Hair Extensions

100% pure remy human hair with the cuticle intact. There are 20 pieces per pack (55 grams of hair) made with our super strong (latex free) medical grade tape adhesive made in the USA. Choose various colors and lengths for the ultimate hair makeover. Each application will hold for 8-12 weeks and this hair is reusable up to three applications.



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